Founding values of AgonLex

Expertise & Pragmatism

It is the permanent concern of AgonLex to provide optimized legal solutions to companies and their management to facilitate and secure the successful completion of their projects.

To achieve this, AgonLex makes sure that each legal solution identified is fully adapted to the client’s goals and potential constraints by ensuring that it is easy to implement, and by balancing, where appropriate, the advantages and potential drawbacks and assessing the risks of each available option.

Legal expertise and pragmatism are therefore closely associated in the legal advice AgonLex offers.

Responsiveness & Availability

In addition to the legal advice AgonLex delivers, the way in which it delivers it is essential to it.

That is why the constraints of its clients in terms of timetables and deadlines become those of AgonLex. The close relationship AgonLex builds with each client enables it to clearly identify their needs in terms of legal assistance and to respond with solutions tailored to those needs.

Openness & Diversity

The best legal solutions often include aspects that go beyond the legal issue itself, such as communication, identification of stakeholders and analysis of the relationship between them, capacity to offer alternatives to the initial plan. Having an open approach and being aware of a legal solution’s limits also contributes towards identifying solutions that truly offer added value.

AgonLex’s knowledge of the organizational and cultural diversity of the corporate world is also an advantage for its clients, whether private individuals or companies, particularly large groups of companies and multinational companies.

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