Advisory services for management executives and corporate officers

AgonLex’s experience in advising companies and representing them in the scope of disputes is valuable to it when providing personal legal assistance to management executives and corporate officers. Indeed, AgonLex’s knowledge of corporate practices in terms of contracts (compensation packages, departure packages, corporate contractual policies, etc.), corporate risk management practices and the sensitive issues that customarily exist within companies enables AgonLex to define strategies that are feasible, defend the interests of management executives and corporate officers in the scope of their appointment (for a term of office or under an employment contract), their professional advancement or their departure, whether voluntary or not.

AgonLex assists in the following areas:

Assistance in the scope of an appointment with employee status
or as a corporate officerplus

Assistance in the scope of mobility, especially abroadplus

Assistance in the scope of the restructuring of a department
or company resulting in a deterioration of working conditionsplus

Assistance in the event of departure, whether voluntary or notplus

See allplus



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